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2nd June 2012

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How Hardware "Updates" Really Happen

  • Scumbag 3rd Party Tech Wiz: Hey, I have an idea.
  • Bill Gates: What's that?
  • Steve Jobs: I'm listening.
  • Peter Chou: Please, continue.
  • Scumbag: You remember that awesome, ground-shattering first generation project you put out?
  • Bill Gates: Yes, my Xbox 360, which revolutionized the gaming world.
  • Steve Jobs: Yes, my iPhone, which made the smartphone accessible to the idiot.
  • Peter Chou: Yes, my G1 and MyTouch 3G, the very first Android handsets.
  • Scumbag: Wanna know a great way to make a whole lot of money really fast?
  • All: Yeah!
  • Scumbag: Well, all of your products are still fully contemporary and functional, as well as either contract-binding, or at a price point where buying a new/secondary is out of the question, right?
  • All: Yeah!
  • Scumbag: Well, how about you all release newer, better, faster versions of your devices, that now do everything the originals were supposed to do, but just don't?
  • All: Yeah!!!
  • Bill Gates: An Xbox with WiFi!
  • Steve Jobs: An iPhone with 3G!
  • Peter Chou: A phone with enough RAM to actually have two apps open!
  • Scumbag: But wait, it gets better - release all of these new devices at even more accessible price points, tempting your old customers to buy their way in.
  • All: You're a genius!
  • Steve Jobs: *accidentally sneezes on Scumbag*
  • Scumbag: Ok fuck you Steve, your updates are coming a year later than they should now.
  • The Tech Consumer World: Oh just fuck all of you...

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